JUNE 8, 2018

Nine Inch Nails will be launching its first full-scale U.S. tour since 2014 this fall, but before that, Las Vegas audiences will be the only ones in America to get to see the band live, with three packed shows this week. The industrial rock band has become known for its elaborate stage shows, but NIN’s previous Vegas show in October, which was also an exclusive performance, was a more subdued affair, without the extensive set design and mind-blowing visuals that have accompanied the last several NIN tours. Chances are this week’s shows will be similarly pared-down, although with a European tour set to start the following week, it’s also possible that Vegas will get a sneak peek of the band’s latest groundbreaking stage setup. Either way, it’s sure to be an immersive experience, thanks to the band’s intricate, multilayered music, performed by NIN mastermind Trent Reznor and his collaborators. That includes Reznor’s current creative partner Atticus Ross, who in 2016 was named the first permanent NIN member aside from Reznor. Joining Reznor and Ross are veteran NIN touring musicians Robin Finck, Alessandro Cortini and Ilan Rubin. All five play multiple instruments, contributing to NIN’s varied sound with a mix of electronics and live instrumentation.

Hard Rock Hotel, 8 p.m. June 13 & 15-16, starting at $79.50 plus tax and fee. 888.929.7849 AXS

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