Mariena Mercer Takes You Down The Rabbit Hole At The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas With “Alice In Wonderland,” Space-Inspired Cocktails



  |  JULY 25, 2018

Mariena Mercer is a modern-day mad scientist. In her cocktail lab (a.k.a. beverage product kitchen) at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the Chef Mixologist experiments with syrups, infusions, garnishes and spirits for 16 different menus worth of creative, cool and often kooky cocktails.

It’s a feat of culinary prowess, but also science, combining new and exciting cocktail elements such as tongue-tingling paper.

“I get to amalgamate my passions: cocktails, culinary, and alchemy,” says Mercer. “I am literally always designing new cocktails and experiences for guests. Mixing cocktails is a science for me and I love trying out new ingredients and seeing how solutions develop.”

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