We do a lot of events in this agency. And that means that often times we get caught up in the hustle and bustle, moving rapidly from one thing to the next, without enough time to take it in or enjoy the fruits of our labor. And then, every once in a while we work an event that allows us to sit back and realize what we are here for. Yesterday was that kind of a day for us.

Carlos Santana signs t-shirts at Three Square Food Bank. Credit Erik Kabik/RETNA

Carlos Santana signs t-shirts at Three Square Food Bank

Carlos Santana (I think it’s safe to assume you’ve all heard of Carlos Santana)who plays about 36 times per year at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, took time out to visit with Three Square Food Bank and talk about his similar interests. Santana in engaging in a partnership with the food bank and World Hunger Year (WHY) to collect non-perishable foods and donations from the public at his November performances. But that’s not really why he was there. Instead, he was there to connect with a group of people that really cared about making a difference… about feeding the hungry… and about nourishing human souls.

Carlos has this way of speaking (he called it “intense” at the press event) that’s really hard to describe, but he pulls everything into perspective and can totally change your perspective. And after listening to him for about 10 minutes and discussing our media attendance with the folks at Three Square and WHY, we realized the power of awareness, the power of the media, and the hope that the hours we spent organizing this gathering would ultimately put food in the bellies of hungry kids. That’s a great day in PR.