On this, the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, we want to tell you just how much we at KDC love trees, air, the environment, and all that stuff.

Did you know that KDC is a green company? For years, we’ve encouraged environmentally friendly behaviors both in our personal efforts and those of our clients. Our firm has invested in energy-saving lighting and other equipment in our offices and we are very proud of our ongoing recycling efforts. In 2009, those conservation efforts saved:

  • The equivalent of 37 trees
  • More than 13,500 gallons of water
  • The energy equivalent of 188 gallons of oil
  • 7,482 kilowatt hours of electricity
  • 26,276,390 BTU’s of energy

In 2009, KDC recycled:

  • 7,942 pounds of paper
  • 92 pounds of plastic
  • And more than 60 pounds of aluminum

By remaining focused on Earth-conscious priorities, we have continued to acquire 100% recycled office supplies, in spite of the sometimes higher cost. Our vendor reports that 65% of our purchased materials were considered green purchases in 2009.

So, basically, we love trees… and parks… and ponds… and canyons… and we do our best to keep these natural wonders in tact for all of our benefit. Here’s to an eternity of clean energy and sustainable living. Cheers to Earth Day!