One of our many occupational perks at KDC is the fact that we get to attend a lot of events. At the core, we’re social people always looking for a way to have a good time and network. What we don’t often do is have events for ourselves… until now. This week, we took some time out for our own little get-together: the first ever KDC Social organized by the newly formed KDC Social Committee.

Our first event was called “Getting to Know You” and was a huge hit. Fun was had by all and the newbies as well as the old-timers, who learned a thing or two about their co-workers.  The event featured a trivia contests about the lives of our bosses, videos of all staff talking about their backgrounds and families, yummy food and make-your-own sundaes. KDC staff baby pictures were donning the walls of our conference room, creating a match-the-baby-with-the-name game. (Which was actually much harder than you might think). Still waiting for the Social Committee to hand out prizes to the winners… but we won’t stress them out about it too much.

Looking forward to our next social committee event our participation in the 2011 Corporate Challenge. Go Team!!!