With August both National Sandwich month and National “Eat Your Dessert First” month, the team at KDC concocted a delicious pitch – the sweet dessert sandwiches that have found homes throughout Las Vegas.

Filled with childhood memories of Klondike Bars on a warm summer night, the KDC team began its diligent “research” on the dessert sandwiches. From the Ice Cream Sandwich Lollipops at Skybox Sports Bar and Grill to the Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich at BLT Burger, one thing was evident – our parents didn’t love us! Our sweet memories of those Klondike Bars paled in comparison to the culinary delights that are now showcased throughout Vegas. Instead of having that processed ice cream bar as a kid, I could have been enjoying Hubert Keller’s Chocolate Burger at Burger Bar (ok, so maybe it wasn’t around in the 1980s, but still, I felt unloved).

The closest we came to reliving our childhood dessert memories was with N9NE Steakhouse’s classic take on S’mores. The handheld childhood favorites are back in high demand and come with a little tray piled high with marshmallows, thin skewers, graham crackers topped with a thick house ganache and a bowl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream severed with an open flame hibachi style.

During our research (clearly without enough taste-testing), we also learned that the dessert sandwich knows no bounds and can be found at a variety of dining venues. The sweet-treats have found homes at fine-dining establishments such as Aureole, home to the Grilled Brioche with white truffle infused chocolate ganache, but they can also be found at daylife experiences such as WET REPUBLIC, home to The Whoopie Pie. Vegas tourists and locals can find these culinary dishes scattered throughout Vegas properties and are sure to please even the stingiest of palates.

The dessert sandwiches didn’t just impress the KDC team; the media is “eating it up” as well. As word is starting to get out about these hidden gems in Vegas, I recommend a quick trip to one of the restaurants in Vegas before all of the dessert sandwiches are gone!

Milkshake wishes and whipped cream dreams!