To get in the spirit of the holidays, Kirvin Doak Communications hosted its annual holiday party on Dec. 17 in Downtown Las Vegas.

 Despite the rain, the night was filled with laughter, drinks, food and a social media scavenger hunt on Fremont Street  . The Griffin, located near El Cortez , a cozy, dim lit bar was the check in point for everyone to gather before the night’s festivities took place.

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 Once everyone arrived, got a drink and said hello, the leader of the group, Kate Whiteley, announced the rules to the scavenger hunt. Seven teams competed consisting of Kirvin Doak and Outdoor Solutions employees, plus guests. Large white envelopes were given to each team containing directions, a point scale task list and $45 to complete various tasks. Every task on the list had to be documented with a picture via smart phone and then sent to Twitter with the hashtag #KDCHoliday .

As soon as teams were able to open the envelopes, they darted outside The Griffin to brave the wet and gloomy weather. Tasks included zip lining down Fremont Street, eating fried Twinkies and Oreos, drinking the largest pint of beer, finding showgirls, collecting beads, getting on stage and talking your way into a suite, among others. All teams were striving for the coveted grand prize, $100 to Blue Martini at Town Square. The rules of the game were as follows:

  •  One person from each team had to keep track of all points earned by the team. The points would be reviewed at the end of the hunt.
  •  Unless noted, all team members except one (the photographer) had to be present in all photos.
  •  The entire group needed to be in the photo for food and drink challenges, but not everyone was required to eat or drink alcohol. 

 The clock was winding down as the teams rushed by each other to make it to Firefly, located at the Plaza in Downtown, where everyone would reconvene to enjoy dinner. As the clock struck 8:10 p.m., teams scrambled up the stairs to hand in their checklist to the judges, who totaled up the points and would announce the winners after the company dinner. Once inside, judges looked over the Twitter pictures of each tasks, awarding and denying points for each teams.

As points were being calculated, everyone gathered inside Firefly’s dome dining room where the booths and tables filled with people discussing the thrilling events of the scavenger hunt. For dinner, small plates were served for each table to share. Dishes included artichoke toasts, savory stuffed dates, chicken and steak and mushroom skewers and more.

Everyone enjoyed themselves throughout the night, mingling with others from tables and getting to know each other outside of work. Once dinner was over, Mr. Dave Kirvin announced the winners of the scavenger hunt. Each member of the team was awarded a prize. The teams that came in fifth, sixth and seventh place were awarded $25 to Cabo Wabo at Miracle Mile Shops or El Segundo at Fashion Show Mall. Teams that came in third and fourth were awarded $50 to SushiSamba at The Palazzo or Margaritaville at The Flamingo.  The second place team received $100 each to B.B. King’s Blues Club at The Mirage. The first place team, team Blue, was awarded the grand prize, $100 each to Blue Martini.

One can only wonder, how will Kirvin Doak top itself for next year’s holiday party?