There is no better cure for a “case of the Mondays” than a craft beer festival to re-launch the fabulous menu of pub grub at The Pub at Monte Carlo. Last Monday, I immersed myself in just that. Not only was I lucky enough to sample the brews of Pyramid, Blue Moon, Sin City Brewing Co., Sierra Nevada, Leinenkugel, Woodchuck, Stella, Leffe, Hoegaarden and more, but I got my hands on a coveted Locals Card. This card gets me automatic all-day happy hour Monday-Friday and 50% off beer on Sundays upon every return visit – now that’s refreshing.

Aside from mingling with some of my favorite local journalists and clients, The Pub’s new menu had to be the highlight of the event for me. All of the food is delicious, but there are three dishes that you cannot miss:

1. The Pub Crunchy Potato is pure heaven – a deep fried ball of mashed potatoes sprinkled with bacon and accompanied by spicy ketchup dipping sauce.
2. While such a decadent hors d’oeuvre is impossible to beat, second place undoubtedly went to their famed sliders in Ground Beef with melted cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion and The Pub secret sauce and Pulled Pork varieties.
3. Another new dish to take note of is The Pub’s Wood-Fired Flat Breads. I’m partial to the BBQ Chicken with red onion and cilantro but also heard rave reviews of the Grilled Vegetable and Braised Short Rib.

On top of the phenomenal fare, The Pub unveiled its new Beer Lockers – a unique amenity which guests can earn by enjoying all 136 beers on tap or by spending $5,000 on beer within one year. While a feat like that may be out of my league, I can’t wait to feel like a VIP when I return with my Locals Card!