Last week, I had the pleasure of being shipped off to New York City to attend the annual PR conference for my client Tiffany & Co. on behalf of Kirvin Doak. This was my first real visit to NYC (my only other visit was for a one-day job fair in college) and the experience was unbelievable.

One of Central Park's many welcome centers

The conference gave me the opportunity to meet Tiffany & Co. PR representatives from all over the world (from Switzerland to Germany to Japan) and we all got to enjoy some great meals while learning about each other’s cultures. While most of my time during the trip was filled with guest speakers, seminars and meetings with my client (all excellent and thought provoking by the way), I did manage to get out and explore the city for a few hours during my last day there.

From Central Park to what seemed like the never ending vertical reach of the city, I was in hardcore tourist mode while admiring the small section of the city I had the opportunity to explore. I have always been amazed by the creativity and intelligence it takes to design amazing architecture, and it seemed like every building I saw was an architectural marvel.

Well worth the wait.

Prior to my arrival in the city, I had made it a personal goal to find a delicious, authentic New York City pizza shop. Nothing goes better with the world’s premier jewelry than greasy slices of authentic New York pie! Am I right? Most of the people in the office give me a hard time for constantly trying to eat healthy, but no self respecting pizza lover can go to NYC without embarking on a quest for great pizza. So, for my last meal before departing the city, I found a small pizza shop near the south end of Central Park and enjoyed two amazing slices of authentic New York-style pizza. It was greasy, delicious heaven.