Whenever I visit the Exhibition for work, I always come away with new, unknown tidbits about Titanic. My secret? Noveal, one of the artifact specialists who never fails to intrigue with a new story. He has met descendants of passengers, witnessed the installation of the “Big Piece,” the largest piece of Titanic ever recovered, and even encountered a ghost (yes, I said ghost).

Guess what Noveal told me last week? Apparently, Catholics refused to help build Titanic because the Ship’s call number was 390904 and, when reflected in a mirror, the numerals spelled the ominous words “NO POPE.”

Here are a few other interesting facts that I learned from Noveal:

• The cost of a first-class ticket on Titanic to New York was $2,500, approximately $57,000 in today’s currency.

• There were only two bathtubs for the more than 700 third-class passengers aboard the Ship.

• Tennis player R. Norris Williams and his father, Charles D., felt it was too cold to remain out on deck as the ship went down, so they went into the gym to ride the exercise bikes.

• The fourth funnel on the Titanic was fake. It was believed that the fourth made the ship look grander and only carried vents from the engine room and from the huge coal stoves in the main kitchen.

• The room number “thirteen” was not used on the Ship.

Noveal’s vast trove of knowledge and his fun personality make it a joy to work for Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. If you’re on the Strip and want to experience Titanic’s historical journey at the Exhibition, ask for Noveal. You won’t be disappointed.