It was not your average road trip. Alison Monaghan and I began our journey across California on last Thursday morning with the task of familiarizing ourselves with Inland

Empire publications that would be a great fit for our client, Primm Valley Casino Resorts.  My travel partner instantly made the trip across the desert full of life with her tidbits of nature facts and small town history. 

The first town we came upon was Baker. My trusty book of knowledge, AKA Alison, informed me that this is the home of the world largest thermometer and as we drove by the tourist trap, I found myself confused by a monument that did not work. After passing through various other small desert towns, we made our first stop in Victorville to find a pleasant journalist that was so eager to learn about Primm Valley, it left us both excited to continue on our journey.

We pressed on to the city of Rancho Cucamonga, which Alison could not say without using a crazy voice. I determined I would never be able to live in this city because I couldn’t say the name without laughing. The beautiful town of Riverside was our next stop, where we grabbed a quick bite to eat on Main Street before our next appointment. Main Street was as picturesque as a postcard, with cobblestone streets and to die for architecture. For a moment we lost ourselves within the quaint town before realizing we had venture on.

After making our final stop in San Bernardino, we packed ourselves back into the car for our three and a half hour drive back to Vegas.  Pulling into our hometown was bitter sweet as I was eager to finally be out of the car, but realizing a really fun day was coming to an end. To wrap up the bizarre material I learned on our 500 mile trip, I now know what an Early Man Site is, discover that donkeys exist in the desert, and the Ghost Town in California is in fact not a ghost town but a thriving city.