When I started at Kirvin Doak Communications back in July, I was definitely a novice when it came to Twitter.  I only had my account for about a month, and I had hardly used it (I’d sent a measly 30 tweets!).  Although I understood the basic function of the social media service, I failed to truly understand what a great tool it could be.
A mere two months later, and I would say I have come a pretty long way.  I’ve now sent over 200 tweets, my number of followers has more than tripled, and I no longer scratch my head when someone says “hashtag,” “retweet,” or “trending.”  Today I view Twitter as a great way to the get the word out and as a wonderful, real-time news source.  
My appreciation of Twitter grew even more last week at the Las Vegas Locomotives 2011 Kickoff Tweetup at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria.  I saw firsthand how tweeting can bring people together, start conversations, build relationships and generate awareness.  As the amazing Terri Maruca told me during my personal social media tutorial in July, “It’s sweet to tweet!”
I’m still far from being a social media maven.  That title goes to my older sister, Lauren Linck (@LoLiNck), who works as the social media manager at Angel Management Group, maintaining 19 different Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I hope, however, that the Twitter progress I’ve made in the last few weeks makes her and KDC proud. 
-Carolyn Linck