In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the PEEPSHOW cast were invited to decorate a bra for Caesars Entertainment’s Battle of the Bras Competition, a month-long initiative where employees and Strip performers from all Caesars properties decorate a bra linking to a breast cancer story. The bras will then be on display and auctioned off at a fashion show to help raise funds for the American Cancer Society! This year, Caesars Entertainment was hoping to raise $10,000. I was so proud and thrilled that PEEPSHOW participated in this wonderful event for such a great cause! Like so many others, I have known many strong and courageous women who have been affected by this life-changing disease, most recently my aunt, which is why this event had such personal meaning to me.

PEEPSHOW was also invited to come in-studio with Caesars Entertainment on MORE on KVVU Fox 5 to discuss the PEEPSHOW bra and their support for breast cancer awareness. Even Holly Madison and Josh Strickland got in on the action and signed the bra! It’s so great and comforting to know that the cast members of one of the Strip’s favorite shows, PEEPSHOW, took the time out of their busy schedules to come together and participate in such an inspiring cause. To top it all off, the PEEPSHOW bra was auctioned off at $230, adding to the grand total of $15,630 Caesars Entertainment helped raise! How amazing and awesome is that?!!