If you could wish for anything in the world what would it be? A shiny new Lamborghini? A million dollars? Or what about your very own island with a luxurious mansion and Common whipping up dinner for you in the kitchen (too much haha)? It seems opportunities like this only arise in your dreams or whenever you randomly stumble upon a magic lamp, but for two young people, their wildest dreams became a reality when they wished to meet the world-famous dance crew, Jabbawockeez.

Jayden, 11, and Tamara, 16, are both wish kids with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a nonprofit organization serving children with life threatening medical conditions. As part of their mission, the organization aims to inspire and give hope to children during tough times by making their greatest wishes come true, no matter how big or small. For Jayden and Tamara who both have a background in dance and aspire to have a future in entertainment, there was no hesitation when they wished to meet the Jabbawockeez.

Because I interned with Make-A-Wish in college, I have a deep appreciation for their cause and the admirable work that they do. I was pleased to discover in my very first week at Kirvin Doak that I would be able to merge my history with the nonprofit with my new client, Jabbawockeez. I couldn’t wait to meet the men behind the masks who can pop and shake in ways I never could, but on Sunday my excitement was put to shame when I met die-hard fans, Jayden and Tamara.

Walking up to the theater I could see the kids with their families waiting anxiously outside of the door. “Dressed to impress,” the two racked their brains about what they would say to the group that had inspired them most. After a backstage tour through the dressing room and rehearsal space, the two were finally given their opportunities. Jayden and Tamara lit up the room with excitement as they opened the double doors to find the Jabbawockeez on the other side. After introducing themselves, the two showed off their personal moves with enthusiasm and raw talent that even wowed the pros. With priceless expressions that could never be duplicated, the two were overcome with emotion as they were presented with their very own autographed Jabbawockeez masks.

The connection the Jabbawockeez made with these children was so heartwarming it nearly brought me to tears. It was moving to witness how a small and caring gesture could make such a lasting impact on someone else’s life. I know Jayden and Tamara will never forget the day their biggest wish came true, and neither will I because it was the day my wish came true too– My wish to work with an amazing client on an amazing team for an equally amazing firm. Big dreams do come true.