Jersey Boys Cast Performing National Anthem at “Aviation Nation”

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to escort the cast of Jersey Boys to Nellis Air Force Base’s “Aviation Nation,” where they performed the national anthem. It seemed like such an appropriate “finale” of sorts, as the cast has becomevery involved with Nellis Air Force Base over the past few months.

Cast at Nellis Air Force Base in the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds Hanger

It all began when Major General Bill Hyatt and his wife Becky attended Jersey Boys andinst antly became huge fans. Following their experience at the show, the Major General invited the cast to a VIP tour of the air force base, including a tour of the renowned U.S. Thunderbirds hanger. The boys were so blown away by his generosity that they in turn invited the Major General and his wife back to the show and presented him with a framed, signed Jersey Boys poster on-stage in front of a full house.

This weekend, eleven cast members performed the national anthem to a crowd of more than 30,000 and then enjoyed the riveting display of talent by the airmen in a mind-blowing air-show. I even witnessed some of the cast members becoming emotional as “Proud to be an American” played in sync with an air display.
When I thanked the cast for coming out early on Sunday morning, after they had performed until Midnight on Saturday, one cast member said, “It’s pretty safe to say that if the Major General invites us to participate in something—I’m there.”

Cast Presenting Major General Bill Hyatt with Framed Photo On-Stage

It really is touching to witness such a unique friendship between the cast of Jersey Boys and the United States Air Force and even more so to see how genuine they are in their commitment to not only the Las Vegas community, but to the community of our armed forces. 

Air Display at Aviation Nation

My experience at Kirvin Doak has allowed me to do some pretty awesome things, but I have to say that these experiences with Nellis Air Force Base are at the top of that list.