Across the country a lot of people spend their Sunday evenings dreading what they know is coming in a few short hours: the sound of their alarm clock Monday morning, signaling the beginning of the long and often stressful work week.  This is probably especially true the Sunday following Thanksgiving, when people want to continue to bask in the holiday laze of family, food and football.  It is hard, after all, to leave the comfort of hometowns and sweatpants for the office.

I, however, experienced something quite different this past Sunday, Nov. 27.  While most of my Kirvin Doak co-workers were traveling back to Las Vegas, I sat in the emergency room waiting in agony to find out what was wrong with me.  As the extreme pain in my stomach continued to grow, nurses and doctors continued to run more tests.  Waiting for the results of blood work, a CAT scan, ultrasound and a few other unpleasant procedures, I became more and more concerned that whatever was going on wasn’t simply a bad case of the flu or food poisoning.

“What’s going on?” I asked my mother, “What’s going to happen?”

“I don’t know, honey,” she said.  “We have to wait to see when we get the tests back.”

“But I want to go to work tomorrow,” I cried, never before realizing how much I really love my job.

What ended up happening was an emergency appendectomy Sunday night.  I was released from the hospital Monday evening, and when I got home I received a visit from none other than Terri Maruca – a reminder of why I wanted so badly to get back to the office. 

Terri brought me a baby Christmas tree, a card signed by my colleagues and their get well wishes.  While others may not understand, this level of personal care is what makes Kirvin Doak Communications such a great agency to work at and to be represented by. 

Wednesday afternoon, despite my mother’s protests, I returned to Kirvin Doak, and although I’m still a bit tired and sore from the surgery – man, did it feel great to be out of bed and back in the office. 
-Carolyn Linck

Christmas tree in the lobby of KDC. It was especially exciting to return to work with everything decorated!