I’m a December baby, so I’ve always slightly resented Christmas for stealing my birthday’s thunder. Easter, instead, was my favorite holiday growing up.  I loved that it was in spring time. I loved the delicious brunch my grandmother cooked each year. I loved turning my fingers colors from dying hard-boiled eggs in food coloring, baking sugar cookies shaped like bunnies, hunting for plastic eggs with my siblings in the back yard and finding my Easter basket complete with thrilling items like Beanie Babies, Lisa Frank art supplies and of course, a ridiculous amount of candy.  At the time, I even liked the awful matching outfits my mother dressed me and my sister in every year.  (To this day, Donna maintains those outfits were adorable.  Judge for yourself from these picture.)

Things change, however. For awhile, Easter definitely lost its luster as I aged.  There were no more egg hunts or Easter baskets, and I felt guilty just looking at the chocolate bunnies and jellybeans. Things became even more dreary when I went away to college where my celebration typically consisted of me shamefully eating the Reece’s peanut butter eggs my mom sent for me and my roommate.

But this year I’m looking at Easter through rose colored glasses. It’ll be my first with my family in Las Vegas since 2007.  My brother got married this fall, and I’m excited to celebrate with his wife and her extended family for the first time. As of yet, our plans are still up in the air, but I’m looking forward to establishing some new traditions. 

One thing I’m suggesting to the family is a visit to the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa for Easter brunch at Ceres.  The menu features an impressive collection of delicious treats including seasonal fruit, fresh seafood, a meat carving station and an array of desserts (though I doubt any of them can compete with my Grandma’s sugar cookies).  Ceres is even having an egg hunt, which will really take me back to when Easter was the absolute greatest day of the year.

Whether we end up dining at Ceres or enjoying a meal at home, I’m just excited to be with my family for Easter this year.  Is it April 8 yet?

˜Carolyn Linck