As I gallivant ever closer to my eight month anniversary at Kirvin Doak on April 22, I’m reminded of how far I’ve come since my fateful start date back in August.  I’m carrying larger responsibilities, building up my relationships in and out of the office and I’ve even rearranged my desk and workspace quite a bit from when I started (I love feng shui).  But nothing reminds me more of the strides I’ve made like showing the ropes to a new KDC employee.

That’s right – we’ve got a new addition to our team: Eleni Stylianou (five dollars if you pronounce that right on the first guess).  This is not the first time I’ve helped a new team member get acquainted to the Kirvin Doak life though; back in September we added Wendy Sloan.  But I was just one month old then, still a baby really, and Wendy and I did a majority of our growing up and learning together.  Now fully flourished PR professionals, Wendy and I have the great pleasure of helping out Eleni as she gets used to her life in Las Vegas and on our team at KDC. 

Eleni, you see, is from Maryland (which is practically in the Eastern Hemisphere, as far as I’m concerned).  She comes from a village named Annapolis, where I hear they have an abundance of fresh seafood.  She’s visited Las Vegas before.  As everyone who lives in Las Vegas knows, however, visiting here and living here are two entirely different experiences.  Nonetheless, Eleni has surprised me with how quickly she’s adapted.  She’s learning our day-to-day tasks at an extremely fast (and highly efficient) pace, never sacrificing the quality of her work.  Her eagerness to integrate herself into the Las Vegas community is astonishing.  She’s already ventured to many of the properties on the Strip, engaged in Vegas nightlife, seen a big-name show and will be attending the prestigious Passport to Paradise event hosted by HELP of Southern Nevada in two days – and this is only her first week on the job!   Surely, she will only continue to great things on both personal and professional levels. 

Teaching Eleni about our clients and various everyday tasks is a humbling experience because it reminds me of the steps I’ve taken in such a short period of time.  I’m both gratified to know I’ve accomplished so much and excited to help Eleni out as she grows into her new profession here. 

For those who aren’t following Eleni on Twitter just yet, I highly recommend doing so.  You can follow her @PRLeni.  It’s going to be a blast watching her journey from here!

˜Ryan Marquardt