Mother’s Day, or as I call it, “Donna Day,” is this Sunday, May 13.  Unlike many of my teammates at Kirvin Doak, I get to see my mom (aka Donna) every day.  I realize this is a blessing that I don’t always fully appreciate. The more I think about it, though, Donna is pretty great. Here are just a few of the reasons why…

She can take a joke. And not just one joke, lots of them.  To be totally honest, my sister and I probably spend at least 80 percent of the time we’re all together as a family teasing dear old Donna.  We can’t help it though; she’s such an easy target!  Just ask us about the “family heirlooms” we received this Christmas, Free Willy or Donna’s take on the latest Hard Rock Hotel ads.  Donna always takes our good-natured ribbing in stride, realizes it comes from a place of love and has definitely learned to laugh at herself over the years.  As she says, “I’m just happy I can amuse you two,” and indeed she does.

She reminds me to CALM DOWN. This is not always an easy task. I’m someone who tends to overact to small things, at least initially until I’ve fully processed the situation. I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR TO THAT THING TOMORROW NIGHT! I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I AM, BUT I’M SO LOST I WILL NEVER FIND THE 215 AGAIN! MY LAPTOP WON’T TURN ON! Situations like these, and numerous others, have caused me to call Donna in absolute panics over the years.  Usually it only takes some perspective from Donna and breathing exercises to talk me off the ledge.

She’s amazingly supportive. Forget the 22 years of my life leading up to my employment at KDC – in my 10 short months at Kirvin Doak Donna has supported me every step of the way.  From helping me pick out an outfit for my interview last July to liking everything the Nevada Mining Association has to say on Facebook, attending a Las Vegas Locos home game, the USA Sevens International Rugby Tournament and participating in AFAN’s 22nd Annual AIDS Walk, Donna is the number one supporter of both me and my clients.  She always has time to listen about what I’m working on and help me think of ideas when I’m brainstorming.

So thanks Donna, for just being you. Happy Mother’s Day.