Yesterday, was Mother’s Day and as I ran around town finishing my errands clerks and servers wished me a “Happy Mother’s Day” – it sort of annoyed me as I am not a mother, I am not going to be a mother and I made a choice not to be a mother.  However, as I settled in for the evening I began to  realize that I am a mother of sorts.  I am the mother to my staff: Brad, Alison, Lindsey, Matt, Devin, Kristin, Shandi, Carolyn, Ryan, Wendy and Eleni at Kirvin Doak Communications.  If being a mother means glowing with pride for their accomplishments, cheering them on with their projects, giving them wings to fly and believing in them and their abilities – well then I am a pseudo mom.  If the joy of motherhood is anything close to the love, pride and happiness I feel for my staff then you can wish me a Happy Mother’s Day ever year.  

˜Terri Maruca