Every college grad dreads that one question, “So, what are you doing now?”

My family couldn’t believe me when I told them I was moving to Las Vegas. I got the job offer call three hours before my graduation party, which was perfect, because I finally had an answer to that horrible post-graduation question!

A common reply to the news was, “Moving to Vegas! To do what? Be a showgirl?” I would then sarcastically reply with, “How’d you know?” then explain to them where I’d actually be working, Kirvin Doak Communications.

I was due to move in merely two weeks. Moving from small-town Iowa to Las Vegas has been a big change for me. I used to live in a town of 1,200, and now all a sudden I live 24 hours away in “the city that never sleeps!” This adventure has brought about a lot of “firsts” for me in the last week…

The drive here was quite eventful. My parents rented a Penske truck to move all my belongings. After they had already rented it and paid for it, they took a look inside. There were only two seats for the three of us. They broke the news to me as I was saying goodbye to my friends one last time at the pool.

I said, “Great, I’ll fly out to Vegas on Friday and have more time with my friends before I leave!”

My mom quickly replied with, “Oh no, you’re enduring the drive with us. I’ll just buy you a bean bag and put it between the two seats.”

I thought to myself, “Is this real life?”

I honestly can’t tell you the last time I sat on a bean bag or the last time I sat on a bean bag and enjoyed it. Despite these unfortunate issues, I drove in between my parents for 24 hours from Iowa to Las Vegas, NV on a bean bag. Bet you can’t say you’ve ever done that- there is truly a first time for everything!

The “firsts” don’t stop there. This past week, I bought my first new car! I said “hasta luego” to my trusty 1999 red Cavalier in Iowa because I have driven that car since I was 14, it had over 200,000 miles on it and it did not have air conditioning- I thought all these reasons were completely valid. Therefore, I’m very excited to say I’m a proud owner of a new Nissan Sentra!

I also had my first week at KDC. Everybody has been very nice, supportive and helpful on my transition to Las Vegas and into my new job. With the assistance of Devin Daniel and Lindsey Rathjen, I’ve already done a bunch of stuff for Team Terri, and I’m very excited to continue learning from them- Devin even guided me as I drove for my first time on the Strip, which was not as bad as I anticipated.

Last but certainly not least, I celebrated National Doughnut Day for the first time today at KDC, and I really hope it’s not the last.

˜Laura Bucklin