In honor of the kickoff to EDC Week here in Las Vegas, it only seemed fitting to write about five things I can’t wait to experience or see at this year’s festival. 

1. The Ferris wheel:  A major component to creating the carnival-like atmosphere is the amusement rides. I am not a sucker for thrill rides as I am terrified of heights and don’t care for anything that moves at high speeds, but I am definitely looking forward to taking in the Speedway from a new angle; high above the grounds from a seat on the Ferris wheel.







2. Art: My obsession with art and decorating is apparent to anyone who knows me. Though the art at Electric Daisy is not something that you can put in your living room, it is one of the most unique aspects of the festival that helps transform the Las Vegas Motor Speedway into another world. Festival goers will get to see everything from brightly colored misting flowers, to fire breathing serpents and for the ultimate sneak peak, check out this article from [Rolling Stone.] – Please hyper link 

3. Roaming entertainment:  I have been sitting on interviews for the last week about the roaming entertainment at this year’s festival and boy, do they have some fabulous things planned. Most of which are a secret but expect nearly 500 artisans walking around the grounds, interacting with fans, dressed in one-of-a-kind costumes that will truly make it seem like you are stepping out of Las Vegas and into an imaginative world.







4. Discovery Project: Like most artists around the globe, all you need is that one big break and your talent can be exposed to the masses. Insomniac is helping garner attention to up-and-coming artists through the Discovery Project. Producers submitted a sample set and the lucky winners will get the chance to play live on the Discover Stage during EDC Vegas. How cool is that?  






5. Night Owl Experience: You’ll just have to come to EDC to find out just what this entails….








Signing off for now!