This is the true story…of 30 strangers…picked to live in Las Vegas…work at KDC and have their lives followed on Facebook and Twitter…to find out what happens…when people stop putting off their dreams…and start getting real…The Real World: Las Vegas.  

Okay I admit—I am just as skeptical as the next person when it comes to “reality television,” (although I do get down with my girls from Real Housewives of Orange Country and let’s be real, when Keeping Up with the Kardashians is on I can’t look away from the TV, ah, but I digress…) But for some reason as I transitioned into my brand new life here in Las Vegas, I could not get The Real World’s opening theme out of my head!  

It was something straight out of a movie, I swear: girl applies for job, girl graduates college, girl moves home for five days, girl gets job offer, girl hops in the car and high-tails it out of Missouri three days later.  And I’m driving through the flatlands of Missouri and Kansas (one road…the whole time…girl, don’t even get me started), the mountains of Colorado, the valleys of Utah, the red rocks of Arizona and finally Nevada and it all came rushing towards me at once: This is my life. 

Throughout college we are led to believe the “real world” is scary—full of mortgages and bills and credit scores and car problems and in-laws and someone pour me a glass of wine already…  We are taught the real world is hard and we should try to stay in college forever.  But in my three brief weeks as a Las Vegas resident, I can already tell the “real world” is incredible.  It’s full of places to go and people to meet and events to attend and learning to cook and can we please talk about how fun it is to decorate an apartment?!  

I can’t believe that this is the real world—and to be honest, I don’t know what we were all so afraid of in the first place.  Living? 

So this is my “real world”… this is my true story of a young girl picked to live in Las Vegas and work at KDC and have my life followed on Facebook and Twitter, to find out what happens when I stop living in the Midwest and start getting real with myself. 

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