When you first hear the words “Las Vegas” you probably imagine bright lights, expensive restaurants, late nights, feathery costumes and a hint of irresponsibility. Now don’t get me wrong, those things definitely exist, but beyond that there is much, much more…
As I departed on that 21-hour drive through never-ending rolling hills, mountains and desert terrain, I began to question my sanity. There I was, in the middle of nowhere, but I knew at the end of the road was an opportunity that I could not have been more blessed to receive; an adventure that I couldn’t wait to embark on.
When I received the call from Kate and Rebecca offering me the opportunity to work with Kirvin Doak, I’m pretty sure my heart stopped. There it was. A chance to make the one thing I had been working toward my entire life a reality. It had always been my dream to work on Entertainment clients, so I was ecstatic to land a position working with shows on the Las Vegas Strip as my first real “big girl” job.
The whole situation felt a little ironic. I had always been the level-headed one with a plan, the girl with all the answers and the one nobody ever had to worry about. So I have to admit, it was exciting to watch as my friends and family debated my sanity when I told them I would be moving to Las Vegas.
Yesterday marked my one month anniversary with Kirvin Doak, and I couldn’t feel more blessed to have the opportunity to work here. One thing I have learned throughout my professional career is that culture is what vastly differentiates one business from the other. The culture here at Kirvin Doak is one unlike any other. Here you are not just a colleague, but a member of a family. With individuals from all walks of life, and several different states, there is an incredible closeness you can’t help but want to be a part of when you step into our office. The people here are what make our company great, and the clients we are able to work with hold testament to that.

I love waking up every day and being excited about going to work. From writing press releases for The Smith Center, pitching stories about Jersey Boys to the media and staffing in-studio’s for Phantom-The Las Vegas Spectacular, to attending red carpet events with PEEPSHOW cast members and ABSINTHE cast pool parties, each day brings something new and exciting. A little tip to whoever may be reading this right now: work somewhere that makes you feel excited to get out of the bed in the morning. If you love what you do and where you work, then work doesn’t feel so much like “work” anymore.

The truth is, this whole being a “grown-up” thing isn’t so bad, y’all! Each day brings an opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and live a little more. So stop being scared and take a risk, because sometimes the biggest risks we take offer the most reward.



˜Erica Benken