When I heard Blue Man Group was searching for someone to play the role of its newest character, The Showbot, my eyes widened with curiosity. A sassy, part human part robot sidekick to the Blue Men and overall “hype girl” for the show? Um, yes please! But since Blue Man Group is my client and I’ll be staffing the tryout, there is a conflict of interest and scheduling on my end. For the rest of you – that BIG BREAK might be closer than you think.

Here are five reasons you should give it a go:

  1. EXCLUSIVITY – The Showbot is a completely new addition to Las Vegas and for the entire Blue Man Group production. So basically, you would be the only Blue Man Group Showbot in the world!
  2. THE JOB DESCRIPTION, reads “full time hype girl/dance fanatic.” Ok, not exactly, but you will have the opportunity to ramp up Las Vegas crowds on a nightly basis and shake it to Blue Man beats.
  3. ROBOT WEAR –The renderings of the Showbot’s gear was enough to get me going. Superhero status. Every single night.
  4. INSIDER’S PERSPECTIVE OF THE NEW PRODUCTION – Blue Man Group debuts its newest work of art on Wednesday, Oct. 10 at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. As Showbot, you’ll have seen the show about a million times before anyone else.
  5. SO INTERNATIONAL (cue Chris Brown and Pit Bull song) – Blue Man Group is an international entertainment phenomenon with live performance installations in six cities, an ongoing theatrical tour of the USA and Canada, and a highly acclaimed show on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Epic. To date, more than 25 million people across the globe experienced the show. Talk about a resume builder.

If you love the stage life, here is your shot. Auditions will be held Thursday, Aug. 9 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino inside ballrooms 3 and 4. For tryout criteria and details, visit bluemancasting.com.

˜Devin Daniel