Yesterday, I had two events at Kirvin Doak Communications, and when that might sound quite stressful, it was actually a lovely day. Both events were in two completely different settings, but ironically, they were quite parallel in their set up and goals.

The first event was put together to celebrate KDC’s 10 Year Anniversary. To do so, our managers put together a Day of Service to give back to the community that has been so good to us.

The day started out with a feast of bagels from Einstein’s, salad and cookies. Then our staff split up into seven groups and we headed out to all the Boys & Girls Clubs of Las Vegas’ locations to volunteer.

Everyone in our staff had so much KDC spirit and love; it was really neat to watch us all come together for a cause.

The second event was put together to celebrate the 5th annual VEGAS INC Angel Awards. Every year, VEGAS INC puts together a publication to honor those who give back to the community that has been so good to them.

The night started off with a feast of hors’ d oeuvres, dinner and cocktails. Then, Rob Langrell of VEGAS INC brought up the sponsors for the night, and later they announced the eight winners of the 2012 Angel Awards.

The winners, volunteers, donors all had so much spirit and love for the city of Vegas; it was really touching to see the community’s leaders come together for a cause.

During the night, a peculiar man approached one of my colleagues and joked, “How, can there be Angels in a town called Sin City?”

We all were a little taken back by his comment, but continued talking amongst ourselves. It was a little hard to hear after all the work our co-workers and peers in the room had gone through to better Las Vegas. 

Later, Bruce Spotelson, editor-in-chief of VEGAS INC, approached the microphone and said, “So much cultural change comes from great American businesses like the ones here tonight.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Bruce. KDC and VEGAS INC’s Angels are definitely a part of those great businesses, and it’s that passion for change that helps make KDC such a great place to work and Las Vegas a better place to live. After that realization, it was even clearer that Vegas may have its “sinners,” but it also has its “Angels,” lots of them.  

-Laura Bucklin