On May 29, 2012, I started my journey at Kirvin Doak Communications. To honor my half-year milestone, I thought I’d compile a list of A COUPLE things I have learned in my first six months in the PR world.

1. Always Say “YES” to Opportunities: At one of our first meetings with Dave Kirvin and Bill Doak they expressed the importance of saying “yes” to opportunities, because ultimately new experiences help you learn about your job. This is a very easy way to learn the ins-and-outs of your clients. Beyond work, I think it’s crucial to always say “yes” to social outings as well. Even if you’re short on sleep and personal time, it’s beneficial to say yes, because it helps you make friends and get acclimated to your city (this will pay off in the long run… you can sleep then).

2. Deep Breaths: Our self-proclaimed “office-mother,” Terri Maruca, often reminds our team to slow down and take “deep breaths.” The PR world is very fast-paced. Yes, college was too, but some weeks you’ll be working several events, writing press releases, coordinating media etc. and it will get overwhelming at times. Don’t hesitate to slow down, ask for help or re-read that press release you’re itching to get out.

3. Ask Questions: You’ve been hearing this since grade school, and it definitely carries over in to the adult world.

4. Always Look for Ways to Improve your Writing: Writing is a skill that is never perfected. You can always look for ways to improve no matter how amazing you are. One of the easiest ways is to read your colleague’s press releases, read the newspaper to see how journalists write and read books! Lastly, branch out… read poetry, the thesaurus, song lyrics , watch the news and more – this will expand your creative mind.

5. Attend Events Around Town: Events are not only fun, but they’re a great networking opportunity. A journalist is definitely more willing to read your pitch if they’ve met you! Also, most events have free food and drinks – hello!

6. Embrace your Fellow Co-Workers: Your co-workers aren’t just your cubical neighbors; they are talented, smart and genuine people. Get to know them and try and meet others in your office that you may not interact with client-wise. Attend work parties. Plan happy hour outings. Sooner or later, these people will be some of your best friends.

˜Laura Bucklin