I left Michigan more than three years ago and moved to Chicago. I wanted to get my Masters (which I successfully did after two years) and then move back to Michigan with my family. Little did I know how drastically my plans would eventually change.  After picking up and moving across the country, 1,879 miles to be exact, I found myself in Las Vegas. I never saw myself living so far away from my family and friends, but after the past two months of working at Kirvin Doak Communications, I have acquired a new family and new friends.  I was worried that it would be like my previous jobs I had in Chicago, all work and no play. Fortunately life in Las Vegas is nothing as I had expected it to be, and wow, it has been so much more.  

My first day on the job I participated in a photo shoot for one of my clients… kind of a great start to a new job if I may say! Since working here, I have explored so much more of this city than I ever did in my previous home. My second weekend in Las Vegas, my birthday weekend, I ventured across the city to downtown Las Vegas – territory I didn’t even know existed – to see a One Republic concert at the D. After spending an eventful night out with some of the girls of KDC, it could possibly be one of my new stomping grounds. 

Halloween came around and wow what an experience. The office split up into our teams and we proceeded to build our own version of a haunted house. Team Terri, my team, decided to put a fun twist on the holiday… Haunted Christmas! What can be worse than a creepy Christmas with amputated elves, dead dolls, a dead Mrs. Clause and a butchered Santa Clause?  Not much in my book! Clearly I was right because we tied for second place. That wasn’t even the best part of Halloween.  Kirvin Doak has a costume contest every year with a celebrity guest judge, and this year it was Mr. Las Vegas himself, Mr. Wayne Newton.  Of course I would have preferred to have met him looking a bit more “alive” than I was, but what a way to spend Halloween. 

I have always been a family-oriented individual, so when Thanksgiving came around, I was counting down the days until I could see my family and friends and most importantly my adorable eight-month-old nephew. While I had an amazing time visiting with everyone and catching up, it took me all of two days to be ready to head back to Las Vegas. I was eager to get back to my new life. While working for Team Terri at Kirvin Doak I have been given the opportunity to experience so much more here than any other place I have ever worked or lived before. With concerts, silent auctions, harvest festivals, beer festivals, masquerade parties, BMG, comedy shows, grand openings, Christmas shows and the people I work with my past two months in this city has been more than I ever could have imagined it could be. Moving and working here has only ensured that the sky’s the limit. I look forward to seeing what is next to come with the New Year quickly approaching.

 ˜Jaclyn Dadas

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