One of my favorite personal admissions is that I love eating healthy. Yes, wings, pizza and beer are all delicious and serve as my favorite indulgences on cheat days, but nothing beats the way your body works at maximum capacity when you are fueling it with quality proteins, fruits and leafy green veggies.  

I always let my eating habits go a little haywire in those final 10 days of each year that include Christmas and New Year’s. Heading home for the holidays always presents a bevy of delicious-yet-unhealthy options that I can never refuse. You try telling my Nana you can’t eat her famous, homemade meatballs and sauce because you’re watching calorie intake! Not gonna happen!  

So once the annual year-end gluttony is purged from my system, I get back to business on the healthy eating front. This year I am pumped because my newest client, My Healthy Meal (NOW OPEN in Summerlin), has made getting my diet back on track easier than ever. I generally cook/make about 85% of my meals at home because there’s no better way to watch what goes into your food than making it yourself. However, there are times when I’m just too tired or lazy to cook and this is where My Healthy Meal is going to be a big time savior!  

The new grab-and-go food outlet serves all pre-portioned meals created fresh daily with organic, quality ingredients and no preservatives. It’s a health nut’s dream! All I have to do is visit My Healthy Meal, pick my meal of choice (all the nutrition info is easily found on every meal package), and check out. From there, I just head home and enjoy. The perfection is in the simplification, and My Healthy Meal has simplified nutritious eating to make it appealing for everyone. 

So here’s to maintaining those healthy diets in 2013 – because there’s no option not to when My Healthy Meal can help!

˜Matt Guidish