PerhapsNotre Dame Fighting Irish this is the wrong time to speak out about certain matters pertaining to a stand-out college athlete. Perhaps there never really is a good time to speak out about it. However, as a Notre Dame fan, it’s difficult to read such shocking news and not feel the need to stand by my team and remain loyal to the only team that I have felt a particular kind of passion for every time those players take the field.

I won’t say whether or not I believe that Manti had a hand in this prank or is the victim of some elaborate scheme, but I will say that this does not waver my loyalty and faith in a team. This does not waver my belief in his ability to play football nor does it waver my decision to be a fan of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. For those who possess a hatred for Notre Dame, please understand that in no way should this deem me, or any other loyal fan for that matter, ignorant or pretentious. It merely means that I have a team that I have loyalty to, regardless of my reasons. You’d be lying if you told me you wouldn’t do the same for a team that you pledge your allegiance to. And no, I’m not a Notre Dame alumna. No, I don’t have family that graduated from there. No, my entire family does not cheer for Notre Dame.

Regardless of why a Notre Dame fan is a fan, we stand by our team in the good times and the bad. Keep in mind; I discovered my love for the team in my senior year of high school when they were sitting pretty with a 3-9 record under Mr. Weis. Not exactly a record that gets anyone excited or jumping on any kind of bandwagon. We’ve triumphed in tremendous victories but also faced difficult defeats. No matter the outcome of this revelation of a fake ex-girlfriend; no matter the truth behind this bizarre story; I will continue to stand by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

And if you want me to be frank, I’ll still probably buy a Te’o jersey if he is selected in the upcoming NFL draft.

˜Shandi Huber