Wow!  What a great Super Bowl on all levels on Sunday and my team didn’t even play in the big game.  Plus the team that won is my team’s biggest rival.  Yes, I am a Steelers fan and a NFL addict.  I am addicted to football. I love football.

I  just can’t get enough of America’s favorite past time and the strongest professional sports league in the world.  I love the shield and everything it represents.  I love watching a group of talented and gifted athletes working together to achieve one goal.

Football on Sundays  have become a habit for me.  Deciding what to wear on Sundays is cinch – black & gold of course.

Football is in my blood, maybe that is why I am an addict.  I was born to a high school football coach and my name Terri well was really suppose to be Terry!  My parents (or mainly my dad) wanted a boy.  However, in the end they wound up with two girls who never played football, but now love the game probably more than their parents.

Football to me is my hobby, it is my spa day and my favorite past time.  Don’t get me wrong I love sports period, but I admit I am addicted to football.

So it seems only fitting that Sunday’s Super Bowl was the longest game in history.  We, the fans, just weren’t ready to say good-bye yet.

The next 212 days will go slow, but thank goodness for the NFL combine, NFL Draft, Training Camp and NFL Network –  I will get a little something to fill my need.

I love this game.  I love the Steelers.  I love the players, past and present, for all they did and do to make Sunday my happy day!

I am an NFL junkie from birth and proud of it!

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