Sony recently announced the arrival of their ‘most powerful platform ever’ – the Playstation 4.  It’ll be hitting shelves this holiday season, as will a new version of Microsoft’svideogames_poster Xbox.  Well, Microsoft hasn’t actually announced the arrival of the new Xbox quite yet.  However, I’m sure they won’t be far behind now that Sony has made their big news splash.

I can only imagine how great the games will be given the new capabilities and technologies these machines will have.  On that note, I felt it was a good time to reflect on some of my favorite games from the current, and soon to be old, Xbox.  Here’s my list in no particular order.

  •  Skyrim

Any game that you can put more than 200 hours into and still want to keep playing is a winner in my books.

  •  The Mass Effect series

Lots of people had issues with the ending of Mass Effect 3.  I’d tell them to calm down, it was a great game and the ending was just fine.

  •  Dishonored

I never enjoyed stealth-based games…until this one.  Great game play and awesome atmosphere make this one I will not soon forget.

  •  Red Dead Redemption

Take Grand Theft Auto, replace the cars with horses and set it in the old west.  Yes please.

  •  The Walking Dead

Here is a game that really elevates story telling in video games to a whole new level.

  •  The Saints Row series

Not for everyone…but if you are looking for over the top humor and an open world to go crazy in, this is the game for you.

˜Brad Seidel