This is what you get when you ask The Doak for a picture.  I like it..

This is what you get when you ask The Doak for a picture. I like it..

Almost a year and a half ago, I had my first day at Kirvin Doak Communication. I didn’t know anyone. I was SUPER nervous. I’d only been in Las Vegas for two days, and so far I’d felt perpetually lost. Needless to say, KDC seemed extremely intimidating. Yet, Bill Doak, one of our partners and partial namesakes, took the time to pass by my desk that morning and say “hi” to me. I’ll never forget it. There’s nothing like have a partner take the time out of his day just to welcome you.Needless to say, I was more than happy to sit down with Bill and learn more about him.

  •  Favorite Band: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
  • Side note: Bill shared that he and Dave recently went to a Bruce Springsteen concert together, but I was told it’s not quite the same as Alison and Lindsey’s Bon Jovi Day.



  • Role Model: “There are so many for so many different reasons,” said The Doak. They include Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and his father.


  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas.


  • Best Gift He’s Ever Received: His children. (Awww!)


  • Favorite Beer: Sin City Stout


  • Favorite Bar in Las Vegas: Tommy Rocker’s


  • What did you want to be when you grew up? Professional football player


  • Pinch question from Alison – How do you feel about having Dustin Hoffman as a doppelganger?  “A lot less better than being told you resemble George Clooney…”


  • Tell me about living in your office during a past job: “It was my second job out of college. I didn’t have enough money for an apartment, and I didn’t know anyone. My boss allowed me to sleep on his couch, and if I was working late at the office, I’d pull my blanket over me and sleep on the floor.”


  • BONUS! Best advice: “Never stop learning. The accumulation of experiences will ultimately make you a great professional.”


˜Wendy Sloan