StephThere is no doubt that Kirvin Doak Communications is full of shinning stars and one of the brightest is definitely Stephanie Chavez. Stephanie is the fun girl in the office that can make you laugh but is also great at giving serious advice. If you don’t know her, you should. Overall, she’s pretty hilarious and just plain fun to hang out with.

When I found out I’d be interviewing Stephanie for this blog, I was extremely excited. First, she’s been at Kirvin Doak for a little more than three years and during she has always had a smile on her face. She has a great personality so I knew this was going to be a fun interview. Second, Stephanie is outgoing so I was eager to see what type of answers I’d get out of her.


  • How did she end up in Vegas?  “I followed my high school sweetheart” They’re still together by the way!
  • What jobs did she have prior to landing a job in Vegas?  “In college, I planned events and concerts at the University of Colorado in Boulder.”
  • What are some “I can’t believe that really happened” or “this isn’t real life” moments she has experienced since working at Kirvin Doak?
    • “Petting sloths at Wayne Newton’s house.”
    • “Meeting Buzz Aldrin.” (He also happens to be her celebrity crush)
    • “On a red carpet asking Heidi Montag (right after plastic surgery) what she was for Halloween. Her response, ‘myself’ and my response ‘you pull that off well.’”
    • What is her biggest life accomplishment? “Traveling overseas solo for six months. One of the best decisions in life.”
    • If she could do anything, what would her dream job be? “I’d for sure be an explorer.”
    • Where does she see herself in five years? “Happy.” In 10 years? “Happy.” In 50 years? “Owning a bed and breakfast surrounded by ridiculously gorgeous nature” and of course, “happy.”
    • If she could pick one moment in the history of the world to be at what would it be? “The moment the Earth was created. Because that would be epic.” Probably my favorite answer from her!

Since not everyone reading this blog will ever have the chance to meet Stephanie, I’ll suggest you follow her on Twitter at @LVStephanie. I promise you won’t regret it!

˜Lindsey Rathjen