kirvin bbb TD 44 of 163 - compressedOne of my favorite ways of really getting to know more about a person is putting them to the test of given extreme circumstances, which of the situations would you select as the lesser of two evils better known as “Would you rather…” For those who might be slightly unfamiliar with this, (although those select few are also the individuals who will not be reading this blog, as they are currently living somewhere in the middle of nowhere underneath a very large rock) you present a person with two situations – would you rather have situation A or would you rather have situation B? I have found this friendly party game offers insight into not only what people consider precious and valuable, but it’s also sometimes very humorous.

So, I had the opportunity to present the following Would You Rather situations to Kirvin Doak’s own Liz Lundstrum. Liz has lived in Las Vegas for a little more than 10 years and holds down the fort on media buying for a stellar roster of clients including Blue Man Group, Jersey Boys, Peepshow, Rock of Ages, Million Dollar Quartet, Absinthe, Nevada Mining Association, The Venetian, Wolfgang Puck and Golden Rainbow. Check out her answers to the following questions:


  • Would you rather live in an igloo for the rest of your life or live in a tepee for the rest of your life?

Liz doesn’t mind the cold. She answered: Igloo

  • Would you rather hear the good news first or hear the bad news first?

Liz answered: Definitely the bad news first.

  • Would you rather be fluent in all foreign languages or be a master of every musical instrument?

Liz answered: ALL the foreign languages

  • Would you rather win the lottery or live twice as long?

Liz debated on this answer, but ultimately came to the conclusion of: Win the lottery – I don’t want to live twice as long if I ran out of money.

  • Would you rather take a European sight-seeing vacation or take a relaxing Caribbean vacation?

Liz just returned from an awesome time in the Caribbean, but she answered: The Caribbean, I feel like I need to see more of it.

  • Would you rather watch a movie without audio and subtitles or listen to a movie without the picture?

Liz likes her visuals. She answered: Watch the movie

  • Would you rather always know when someone is lying or always get away with lying?

Clearly, Liz is an honest person. She answered: Know when someone is lying.

  • Would you rather be forced to eat your favorite food every day for the rest of your life or never be allowed to eat your favorite food ever again?

Liz likes what she likes. She answered: Forced to eat her favorite food every day for the rest of her life.


Care to know more about Liz and what she selects when faced with ridiculous and zany situations? Feel free to comment with your own favorite “Would You Rather…” question.

Until next time,

Shandi Huber