In PR, along with the perks comes the patience.  On Friday I finally got to experience what Team Untz is presented with when one of the world’s most famous superstar DJs comes to town.  The night began outside of XS nightclub as Terri, Alison, and I waited until it was time to enter.  It was clear that each of us had something completely different running through our minds as we stood there anxiously.  Alison was on a mission, trying to round up the several journalists and photographers expected to attend.  Terri was nervous because she knew it was going to be full of thousands of out of control party animals, which wasn’t exactly her milieu, and I was just excited to see what the night had to offer since it was my first PR experience at XS.

We enter the club and station ourselves in the media cabana where the various journalists gathered to enjoy a few complimentary cocktails.  Soon after we had to fight the rambunctious partygoers to get to our post, it was time to head back outside of XS to gather more media personnel.  Once we united with them, it was time to head back inside.  This time we settled outside, away from the madness, and waited patiently for the arrival of the 4th Anniversary cake, as well as the one and only David Guetta.  First, the cake appeared and the cameras started flashing.  Then, Mr. Guetta and his manager showed up for pictures with the cake before it was time he took the stage.  After a couple hours of waiting for journalists and photographers, taking pictures, and trekking through the powerful party haven, it was time to head to the stage.  We had to plow our way through flocks of fans as security lead the way.  We finally made it to the stage until Alison had to go back to the front to meet with another photographer.  I stayed put as she had no choice but to battle through the thousands of screaming people when Guetta had just began his set.  30 minutes later, she reappeared with the photographer.  We remained on stage and watched the DJ control the crowd as the shutterbugs snapped their shots.  However, the stage isn’t the only place photographers want to capture the moment.  Alison then had to leave the stage with the photographer at the peak of the DJ’s set and take her through the club so she could complete her purpose of action.  As I awkwardly remained on stage (because I knew nobody around me, and security kept asking who I was) admiring David Guetta, I received a text from Alison reassuring me that she was still alive.  Feet hurting and ears ringing, she made it back to the stage after what felt like an eternity.

We watched David perform for a few more moments until we decided it was time to call it an evening.  In the PR world, so many people are depending on you to do your job, so they can do theirs.  XS was depending on Alison to make sure their 4th Anniversary party gets covered by the media.  The workers of the media were depending on her to guide them during the night to make sure that their job could be completed.  Alison needed to retrieve and regulate the media to secure success.  With the perks of seeing some of the best artists at the number one club in the nation, comes the patience of having to wait, whether it be for the media, the DJ, or the cake.  It’s difficult to maneuver through jumping, dancing, fist-pumping partiers who don’t care who you are and keep a cool head when you have a job to accomplish.  When working in PR in the nightlife scene, patience is pressing.

˜Spencer Flower