Clara.pngMany people think that PR professionals have the same old story—complete an internship, graduate college, find a job in PR. Fellow KDCer Clara Tsang took a more untraditional route by way of Hawaii. Clara attended Carleton College in Minnesota to study volcanology. She interned during her undergraduate career in Hawaii and took a few courses at the University of Bristol, which helped her secure a job in the Aloha State after college. She did everything from collecting lava samples, to trekking across 15-mile craters on daily hikes to climbing on active volcanoes. Her usual transportation included helicopters—not cars.

After a brief stint in Hawaii, Clara decided she wanted to take PR classes at New York University. She was in charge of the PSAs at her job in Hawaii and enjoyed the writing. This eventually led her to Kirvin Doak Communications, where she has been a member of the team for over two years. Highlights of Clara’s job as a publicist include almost stepping on the toes of celebrity chef Bobby Flay, meeting a dolphin named Thunder at The Mirage’s dolphin habitat and being fed on-camera by celebrity chef Bradley Ogden.

As for her dream job (other than KDC, of course)? “I’d like to be a steak house critic. I love eating meat,” says Tsang.

˜Eleni Stylianou


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