By Alison Monaghan

Last weekend, I headed to McCarran and hopped on a plane to make my first return to New York since just after I graduated college. The reason for the occasion? Electric Daisy Carnival, New York edition! As soon as we touched down at JFK, it was off to Manhattan to get settled in my hotel home for the next few days and then hit the pavement to explore. I was surprised at how much came back to me and how easy it was to get from Point A to Point B.

My first night was a great walk through the city, passing by Rockefeller Center, the New York Public Library, Radio City Music Hall, and the last stop: the Empire State Building. We had tried to visit once on my first family trip in junior high but the lines had a three-hour wait, and my father was antsy to get to Yankees Stadium early for batting practice (a ritual that rang through in most summer trips).

Early Friday morning, my tourist hat was off and it was time to turn onto PR mode. We headed out to Citi Field on one of the most beautiful early summer days. The skies were a perfect hue of blue, making for amazing photo opportunities for our staff photographers. It was ideal weather for a festival, and the fans knew it. Around 11 am, they started to file out of the subway and into the Mets homeland. The landscape had been fully transformed by Insomniac into an EDM-fans Mecca with fantastic art installations, lighting and sound production, massive stages and a diverse assembly of DJs on the lineup for the day.

When Day 2 rolled in, I was pumped and ready to go. The sky was a bit overcast on Saturday, but the Insomniac fans never fail to deliver. They were totally unfazed by the cool breeze and packed the area ready to add the energy and vibes that they’re so famous for in order to make it the best possible event. As Pasquale Rotella always says, they are the true headliners.

While any trip to New York is well worth it, to be there as part of such an awe-inspiring event was a treat. As 90,000 fans gathered for EDC over the two days, I knew I was truly part of something special.

Want a taste? Check out these photos and go here to listen to some of the live sets from this year’s event:

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