Don’t get me wrong—I love my fellow KDCers, but I recently decided to expand my horizons and make new friends outside of work. That’s when I realized kickball would be the perfect opportunity to do just that. I played once before in Maryland and had a blast, so I thought I knew what to expect. I’m not going to lie…. It’s a bit more intense here. Some teams BBQ every week, some have matching monogrammed outfits and some are too insanely good, but I enjoy every second of it. I especially like that I managed to wrangle up about six other coworkers to play as well. It definitely helps that the park we play at once a week is down the street from work!

Now in our second season, I was appointed team captain. My duties include sending out weekly reminders for games, creating the lineup, assigning players to field positions, refereeing other games and cheering on my teammates no matter what. We’re ranked 6th out of 23 teams even though a vast majority of us are pretty new to kickball or have never played before. There are seasonal parties and dress-up days, but lately our team has decided to create our own fun themes including ‘Murrrrrica and Neon Night. We even have a “team mom” who bakes goodies every week! I could be imagining it, but we’re starting to make a name for ourselves as one of the coolest teams in the league. 😉

Joining kickball has been the best decision that I’ve made since moving here. Not only have I met tons of new people and get a fun workout in (that’s what I like to think even though it’s not much exercise), but I’ve gained confidence and leadership skills that I never knew I had. I’m already signed up for the next season and have no intention of taking a break from kickball or my captain duties anytime soon!