But do you really have any idea? Kirvin Doak is a smorgasbord of backgrounds of PR and marketing professionals that have moved here from across the country. It creates a melting pot of dynamics, stories and preferences throughout the social atmosphere, and a recent survey proved some surprising facts.

  • If there could only be one genre of music heard for eternity, the KDC gang would choose country music. However, if Camille had her way, it would be only Disney songs for the rest of time.
  •  Iowa has the largest representation in the office with five natives, three of which graduated from Iowa State and one sole Hawkeye. Go Cyclones!
  •  When it came down to favorite events in Las Vegas, the concerts at The Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool are overwhelmingly the favorite.
  •  Looking back on the high school days, our employees most often succeeded at tennis, soccer and golf.
  •  We have two equestrians in the office – Wendy rode for 11 years while Kaley went to college on a scholarship!
  •  Twitter, USA Today and Huffington Post were largely the preferred news sources… Although Lindsey favors The Fluffington Post.
  •  Don’t get on the wrong side of Brad; his brother is in the secret service!
  •  Not shy to large crowds, Alex was a junior Seagal cheerleader and performed at halftime for the first game of the 1999 Seattle Seahawks football season.
  •  Kara made it to the top 250 out of 80,000 to be Charlie Sheen’s #TigerBlood social media intern. We’re glad she made it here instead!
  •  Shandi was named after a KISS song. You can hear the tune here, and think of her always: http://youtu.be/kbj8CLXQloY
  •  Clear the sidewalks! Allee can’t ride a bike but she is determined to learn this year.
  •  True to her New Mexico roots, Janea puts green chile on everything she eats.
  •  The PGA TOUR should take notice – or is it the MLB? Jeff played nine holes of golf his senior year of high school with Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz.
  •  And last and certainly most impressive, our office manager, Candice, was set up on a blind date with Sonny Bono after he and Cher split!

I learn more and more about my colleagues every day. What a fascinating group of professionals!