Getting to know the ins and outs of working the account has been an intriguing learning experience. In the beginning I had no idea how I was going to sell the idea of Vegas’ leading travel site to the masses but as I’ve discovered over the past six months the possibilities are endless with this client.

I don’t think most people can say their job requires them to write about the top pools or the most unique bars and lounges on the Strip but these are the types of topics that make tick. With each new project I get to research a different side of Las Vegas and write about what makes this city so exiting.

One of my favorite things about working on is that each day is different. This client gives me the chance to really push myself creatively, whether it is thinking of new ideas for how to get the company name mentioned or trying different writing styles to grab the reader’s attention in a press release.

Every project is a new challenge. Instead of being confined to my world of live music and DJ performances at the most popular nightclubs, I’ve been pushed to dream up alternative Vegas trips with each release I get assigned.  Looking to get the adrenaline going? I know where to head to hop on one fastest coasters. Not sure what how to plan a bachelorette party? Well, I can definitely think of a few places or shows to go to, to make sure it’s a weekend to remember.

When my friends or family visit the Strip, I’m there go-to source for where to go and what to see and working on the account has taught me about all the different places to go to have a good time in this city. Now I finally feel like I’ve got a good start at becoming a true Vegas insider.

 ˜Ashley Trevizo