Football season has officially returned with NFL and NCAA games underway. Being a Notre Dame fan, I’m especially looking forward to this season as we come off a rather admittedly embarrassing loss to Alabama. Despite that one game, I can’t wait to see what Coach Kelly has up his sleeve this year. For those who don’t understand why I or all the other normal people are so passionate when this time of year rolls around, let me fill you in. There are quite a few reasons why I look forward to football season every year. They are – not in any particular order –  

  1. Not having to decide what to wear on game days. I simply throw on a pair of jeans and my trusty Golden Tate jersey and I’m ready. As a female, this is a gift from the football gods to not have to stand in my closet for 15(ish) minutes contemplating whether this shirt goes with those shoes or if it would really look better if I wore those new wedges.
  2. The food. I can eat, let me tell you. And I can especially eat game day grub. Nachos, wings, pizza, sliders. All of it. Bring. It. On.
  3. The butterflies in your stomach when your team takes the field. Silly, yep, I know. But it happens.
  4. High-fives from random strangers. Especially in this town, stumbling upon other Notre Dame fans who cheer along with you always makes for an awesome game day experience.
  5. Last but not least, the traditions. Every team has them, but seeing those boys slap the Play Like a Champion Today sign on their way out of the locker room leaves a feeling in your heart that is indescribable.  

I have yet to attend a game at South Bend, but it is absolutely on my life’s bucket list and when that day comes, I will be wearing my Golden Tate jersey loud and proud. Emphasis on the loud.