David Guetta just wrapped a hyped-up set in the Sahara tent, complete with laser bearing robots, when we decided to head to the Ferris wheel near the Coachella stage for Tiesto, We had a good hour or so to spare, so the thought of a line meant nothing to us and we were free to take in the sights and sounds of Coachella from the weaving maze of metal barriers leading up to the ride.

While we were waiting in line I noticed a couple of boys behind us who looked like a lot of fun. They were laughing, singing, dancing and I just thought whoa, I should know those guys.

I introduced myself and led them to where my friend Carlos was in line to continue the conversation as a group.

Who are you here to see?

Who’s been your favorite today?

Did you see Deadmau5? Passion Pit? Kasakde?

The little questions we asked lead us to the top of the Ferris wheel line with a flowing conversation. We decided to hop in a carriage together for the ride then spent the rest of the night talking and dancing in the middle of the Empire Polo Field to Tiesto.

Fast forward three years and those boys are still some of my best friends. We’ve gone to numerous shows and festivals together since and I’ve flown from New Mexico to California just to visit them. A friendship built off of a few questions to find a common ground.

One thing that’s been fun to explore these past eight months at KDC is learning how to develop my networking skills. Looking back, making friends at festivals was and is a great way for me to practice networking.

Working at KDC, I’ve had the opportunity to staff and attend a handful of events around the city. Being able to strike up a conversation at these gatherings is not only important but also absolutely necessary.  It’s a skill I can practice every day and one that will come in handy when I have to introduce myself to new contacts while out and about.

I’m excited to find different ways to create bonds and relationships with the Las Vegas community. I think it’s important for me to remember making connections in the real world isn’t much different than it is in the festival world.  Smile, ask a round of questions, find a common interest and the opportunity will flourish.