It’s no secret that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada are near and dear to most of us at Kirvin Doak. I, myself, have participated in the annual Girls Day event the past three years, and it’s always an incredible experience to spend the day with a local girl and just hang out with her doing fun activities. Plus, I have younger siblings back in Cincinnati who I miss basically every day, so it helps to interact with someone their age every once in a while.

On Valentine’s Day, I attended one of the club’s events through their Club Blue program with my colleague Wendy, where a group of 20/30-somethings received a tour of the Jackie Gaughan Clubhouse near the UNLV campus. Following a catered lunch, we paired up with one of the club members to create a Valentine’s Day craft. The young girl who I was sitting next to at lunch was named Mary and she was the same age as my youngest brother, Brady. Just like Brady, she was clearly the comic-relief in the family, a bright spirit and quick with her jokes.

The girl was a charmer. And she knew how to play her cards, as I quickly learned that she not only had one boyfriend, but two. The next hour I spent helping her make a special Valentine for one of the lucky fellas (who was also a club member) and when we finished, we left it in his cube for him to find from his “secret admirer.”

I remember leaving the club with my heart feeling so full. I loved spending time getting to know Mary and listen to her banter back and forth with her sister. It reminded me of home and being around my little brothers, but it also reminded me of those silly crushes you had back in grade school. We all had them. Chasing each other around the playground during recess and secretly holding hands when you thought the teacher wasn’t looking. And those pesky little devils, cooties. Weren’t those the worst?!

I know technically that New Year’s resolutions should have probably been made over two months ago, but don’t they always say there’s no time like the present? Well, I fully intend on getting involved even more with the clubs this year and going back to the Jackie Gaughan club soon to find out whether Cupid hit his target with little Mary.

Until next time,

Shandi Huber