It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Okay actually it was just the best of times. Prior to starting my internship at Kirvin Doak Communications, I knew the bare minimum of public relations. To me, a career in public relations only consisted of writing a few things and talking to a few people. Although these are the basics of PR, I quickly realized how much more there was to it.

The time I have spent as an intern has shown me how demanding and fulfilling this career path can be. The pressing deadlines, constant pitches, press releases, listings, endless in-studios and staffing of events have kept everyday fresh and exciting. There hasn’t been a day I have dreaded coming into the office. Now, this is saying a lot because I am nowhere close to being a morning person. I enjoy knowing that one day I may be working on a Membership Monday blog while the next day I may be on the Strip assisting in the filming of various suites at a Las Vegas hotel. The constant flow of new projects and changing environments won my heart and sold me on a public relations career. Who really wants to be stuck doing the exact same thing every day?

Interning at Kirvin Doak Communications has made me confident in my decision to pursue a career in public relations. I can honestly say that you do not know a career path until you are working in it and after seeing the ins and outs of PR first hand I could not imagine another career path. I am so thankful for the knowledge I have gained through this internship and the improvement I have seen in my writing. I have learned more than I ever thought I would this summer! Although I am getting ready to head back to Arizona State University, this is not goodbye. I mean, public relations is its own small little world anyways, isn’t it?

Until next time,
Taylor Sidor