When Alison first told me I was being promoted to assistant account executive (AAE) just over a month and a half ago I was excited for the opportunity to grow even more in my PR career. I’d been daydreaming about the possibility of moving up, contemplating the added responsibilities and the ways I could add even more skills to those I’d learned as a coordinator. I didn’t imagine the opportunity would be presenting itself as early as it did but the time was here and I was ready to step up my game.

I constantly make lists in my head. To-dos for the day and week, grocery shopping, packing, dream travel spots, new restaurants to check out, what needs to be fixed on my car, you name it, there’s probably a list for it going on somewhere in my mind. With that, I’ve come up with a list of goals I want to work on that I think will help make me a better AAE and PR pro overall.

  1. Write, write, write!
    My favorite non-PR course during college was the creative non-fiction writing class I took my last semester. I loved that the projects forced me to look at things from a different angle or encouraged me to tell my story in a way that would give someone who doesn’t know me the ability to understand the way I view the world.
    One of our latest client projects has been a company rebrand and with that comes a new challenge of adapting my writing style to the match the new look, feel and voice. In order to improve my writing I need to write. And I need to write every day, even if only for 10-20 minutes. Looking ahead, I’d love to challenge myself to devoting more time to writing so I can really find my voice and explore ideas to make my writing for clients even better.
  1. Pick up a book and read
    In PR, you never know what kind of clients you may be working on next so being able to be well versed in a mixture of industries is a huge help. If your client’s favorite magazine is Esquire, you better be picking that up and learning, not only the journalists who are writing for the outlet, but also the pub’s unique style. I have a list of books and magazines I want to start reading, so I think it’s time I start checking some of those off this year.
  1. Get outside your comfort zone and get creative
    I used to be the pickiest eater out there. I didn’t like tomatoes, onions, fish, green beans, mustard, pesto, things that looked too oily, guacamole (the horror!), you name it and I probably didn’t like it. The best thing I’ve done for myself, and my palate, in recent years was to just suck it up and try. There was this whole world of beautiful flavors out there and I was blind to it because I was stuck in my circle.
    Advice, don’t get stuck in your circle. Stepping out and trying new things, whether it’s what I’m eating or my weekend activities, has really helped me break out of my shell. My goal here is to push myself creatively, take chances and stop second guessing myself when I want to explore new ideas that may or may not work out.

∼Ashley Trevizo