earth day


Today (April 22) is Earth Day, and to celebrate, I asked my Kirvin Doak coworkers to send their tips on the choices they make to try to live more sustainably. It was great hearing the stories of some of our Kirvin Doak colleagues. For example, Dominique Del Sarto converted her home to be solar powered in 2015 to reduce her carbon footprint and help the environment. She also does a small amount of composting in her backyard, which she says the desert quail love. Our very own Bill Doak owns a Tesla, an 8kw solar system on his roof, installed smart meters, produces renewable energy credits and installed window tinting in the Kirvin Doak office. There are young parents in our office making a difference, too. Graham McMurry recently had a baby (little Ollie!) and he and his wife Beccy use cloth diapers and wipes instead of the disposable variety. They also try to purchase as many toys, clothes and accessories made from sustainably-sourced or recycled materials as possible. They also try to use as many hand-me-downs as possible. He says: “When you have a child, you tend to reevaluate the way you’ve been treating the world he will one day inhabit after you’re long gone.” Well-said!

Here are some of the things Kirvin Doak employees try to help conserve energy and protect the environment:

  • Refuel when it’s cool outside. Don’t fill up in the heat of the day because if you spill, the fuel will evaporate into the atmosphere! You also shouldn’t top off because that lets extra fuel drip onto the ground. –MacKenzie Ruta
  • When grocery shopping, opt for a reusable bag to carry your groceries instead of choosing paper or plastic!  This will save trees, limit pollution and help our environment by reducing waste. Plus, some grocery stores even offer a discount to those that use reusable bags. –Allison deBrauwere
  • Putting your lights on timers is always good. This way you don’t leave the lights on and can turn the lights on and off during the most efficient times of the day. –Jaclyn Dadas
  • Don’t let the faucet run while you brush your teeth. This saves money on your water bill and keeps water in Lake Mead! –Rachel Henry
  • Carpool! It’s basic but something I try to do when I can. – Tasha Walker
  • If you have blinds or shutters, close them during the day. Especially the days you’re at work all day. Doing so will keep the heat of the sun from entering your house and will help not use as much AC to cool your house. This is especially helpful during those hot summer months.-Kimbrlee Merrihew
  • Drive a Hybrid.  My next car will be electric, now that I have the infrastructure for it. – Dominique Del Sarto
  • Use cold water in the washing machine and try to do laundry at non-peak hours such as early morning or late at night.-Aimee Wenske
  • At the bank ATM, never get a paper receipt; always ask for no receipt or for it to be emailed. –Terri Maruca
  • During summer months, turn your air conditioning off when you leave your house. Especially if you’re gone (at work) for most of the day. –Brigitte Ruiz
  • I bring my lunch to work most days. It helps the environment because you’re not buying food for lunch (which tends to come with a lot of paper and plastic packaging.) I use Tupperware containers and try not to use too many plastic baggies. –May Wildman
  • If you hand wash dishes in the sink, don’t let the water run continuously. Either plug your sinks or even better, use metal tubs, one for washing and one for rinsing. As an added bonus when using tubs, choose a natural, biodegradable soap and then dump the water on your plants after you’re done doing the dishes. –Aimee Wenske
  • Use a reusable water container (I love the Hyrdo-Flask) instead of water bottles. We have 2 large glass jars of ice cold filtered water in our fridge all the time so we can refill our water bottles and don’t need to buy the plastic 12 ounce water bottles from the store. –Richelle Rice
  • Even if your computer is in sleep mode, it is still using energy. Turn off the computer and monitor when you go to sleep at night. –Jaclyn Dadas
  • I use Reynolds-Heat-Eat. They are a great alternative to plastic – made of fibrous, renewable plant based materials. –Terri Maruca
  • Change your thermostat even by one or two degrees and you can save on energy – especially around here in the summer. –Brad Seidel
  • Stunt around town in a Honda Civic. –Kyle Boulia

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

Submitted by: May Wildman