Las Vegas. A city full of entertainment, lights, palm trees and more entertainment! Most people think Las Vegas consists of The Strip and The Strip only, but us “locals” live a pretty fun life off The Strip, too. Read below if you don’t believe me!

Ella’s Top Five Favorite Things About Las Vegas

1. Food, Food, Food
My oh my are there some good eats in this city! Everything from steak, seafood, sushi, organic and fast food, Las Vegas has some darn good grub! My favorites include, Herbs & Rye, In-N-Out (obviously), Juan’s Flaming Fajitas, Nora’s Italian Cuisine and the best of all…The Coffee Cup in Boulder City. There are so many other amazing eateries in this city, but those are simply the best. If you have yet to visit one of these, please go immediately!

2. Activities…So Many Activities
Yes. We all love to enjoy an amazing Vegas concert or Cirque du Soleil show every now and then but the list is endless with the amount of fun activities you can do off The Strip. For example, you can hike incredible views, lodge and even snowboard in Mount Charleston which is just a short 45 minute drive from the city. How incredible is that? Want to jump around in an indoor trampoline gym, drink wine and paint a beautiful painting, go antiquing, boat at Lake Mead, go race car driving, sky dive, take a tour of the Grand Canyon…in a helicopter, ride in a hot air balloon? All these things and more are available right outside your front door.

3. Shopping, Shopping and More Shopping
I got to hand it to this city…the shopping is PHENOMENAL! If you want to get great deals, Las Vegas is the place to shop. The outdoor shopping malls are my absolute favorite! Don’t think you can just visit a shop here with the intention of not buying anything because it’s just not possible.

4. Perfect Weather
I’m from Central Illinois, where the summers are humid and the winters are straight brutal. The weather in Las Vegas is simple perfect, even when it’s 120 degrees! Yes, it sometimes feels like you’re stepping into an oven at 9 a.m. but when all your family, friends and other relatives are back home posting about subzero temps, you will cherish those scalding hot days! However, when it’s 68 degrees for the high in Vegas, plan to see us locals wearing jeans, sweaters and boots. It feels like winter when it gets under 70 degrees. (Not really, but it’s cold)!

5. Great People
I’ve never met such kind-hearted, dedicated and loving people. No matter what, they make you feel right at home. Whether it is your supervisor, boss or next door neighbor, everyone welcomes you with open arms. Someone is always there for you when you need a helping hand and in this day and age that’s hard to find. The diversity is truly amazing (coming from a teeny, tiny town in Illinois), I have learned so much from everyone I have met.

Needless to say, Las Vegas is an exciting place to live and if you are thinking about joining the KDC team or heading out to Las Vegas, take the risk and head on over. You won’t be sorry!

Submitted by: Ella Bailey