Moving from Utah where mountains, waterfalls, red rocks and lakes are around every corner moving to Las Vegas was an adjustment. Within my first month here I’ve gone exploring to find what outdoor activities were near Las Vegas. If you decide to go on a hike make sure you bring plenty of water (especially with this heat), snacks and sunscreen on your adventure into the wild.

 Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Location: 1000 Scenic Loop Dr, Las Vegas, NV

Popular Hikes: First Creek Canyon Trail, Willow Springs Loop, Lost Creek and Ice Box Canyon

Ice Box Canyon sounded like a great trail option because I did not want to deal with the heat! I started the hike in the early morning because you do have to hike across the desert for about a mile before actually getting into the canyon.  Once you get the canyon you can feel the breeze kick in along with the shade. If you go in the early spring at the end you will find a waterfall, but since I went in the middle of May I found a little stream of what use to be a waterfall.

Length: 2.6 miles about 3 hours

Valley of Fire State Park

Location: 29450 Valley of Fire Road, Moapa Valley, NV

Hikes: Mouse Tanks, Atlatl Rock and Elephant Rock

Valley of fire is about an hour northeast of Las Vegas I love elephants so I of course had to check out Elephant Rock and as you can tell it actually looks like an elephant. This was a super easy of hike the only hike part was climbing up the elephant it’s literally by the road.

Length: 1/3 of a mile about 30 minutes

Mt. Charleston

Location: Northwest of Las Vegas

Hikes: Echo and Little Falls, Mary Jane Falls, Griffith Peak and Cathedral Rock

This was one of my favorite locations to go hiking and enjoy time outdoors that was not awfully hot. It almost felt like home when I saw snow on the mountains, aspen trees and was 65 degrees. I decided to do Cathedral Rock trail because it was only 1.2 miles how hard could that be? Well it was hard. I could not catch my breath. I thought I was dying. Okay not dying, but it was a mile of elevation gain of 1000 feet that I wasn’t prepared for and should have done more research on. Lesson learned! The view from the top was amazing and worth the climb though.

Length: 1.2 miles about 2 hours


Seven Magic Mountains

Location: S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

This is popular new sightseeing attraction in the middle of a desert that I discovered by Instagram posts from my friends. As you can tell by my picture these rocks give the desert a splash of color. This is not a hike at all it’s more like an art display you just park your car and walk a couple feet and you’re there.


Location: Southern Utah

Hikes: Angels Landing, the Narrows, Observation Point and Emeralds Pool

Okay, I know that this is not in Nevada, but it’s pretty close to Las Vegas that I had to add it to the list! Zion is worth the drive because it will leave you breathless literally, because of the elevation gain and the views. I did the Narrows which is a hike in a slot canyon in the river perfect to cool off from the heat. I’ll warn you this is a popular spot during the summer where tourists come all over the country, so it will be crowded during the weekends.

Length: You can go as far as 5 miles into the canyon or as little as 1 depending what you’re feeling.

-Submitted by Ana Ramirez