When planning for my #TeamTerri February meeting, I decided to theme it ‘Lunch and Love Letters.”

We started the meeting with everyone sharing why they ‘love’ Kirvin Doak Communications. We got a lot of great responses and below are some of the highlights:

• “The clients we get to work with is why I love Kirvin Doak Communications.”
• “I love the work environment.”
• “I love who we work with…our co-workers.”
• I love Kirvin Doak Communications, because we are ‘The Best.’

It was great to hear the reasons that everyone loves Kirvin Doak Communications and for everyone to share and comment about each others’ reason.

I purchased a lot of arts and craft supplies for the staff to create a Valentine’s Day Card for whoever they thought needed it most. Was it their grandma, husband aunt, son, mom, sister or boyfriend? Whoever their card was for they dug in and went to work and let me tell you they could give Hallmark a run for their money. They were creative, thoughtful and caring in crafting their cards. During the process we shared childhood memories of Valentine’s Day in grade school and stories about that special person their card was for.

The bottom line is there isn’t anything like a handwritten note or love letter. The world needs more hand written love letters, thank you notes and simply because notes. Take the time today, Valentine’s Day and hand write a letter to someone who is important to you. Let them know how much they mean to you. Sometimes it is something so simple that will make the day of someone so important to you. Make the time. Find the time.

Make today the day you script words of love to a heart in need. Happy Valentine’s Day!